Choose Your Engagement Ring in Princess Cut Style

Choose Your Engagement Ring in Princess Cut Style

Princess cut engagement rings

The bands come in silver, white gold and platinum. For a longer duration people prefer the fourteen karat white gold and platinum. The American standard is the fourteen karat yellow gold which has forty-nine percent gold and fifty-one percent alloy. Details of these bands is discussed as follows.

Platinum metal

This is the most favored metal for all types of rings and not just the princess cut rings. The reason being that it is the most durable metal among all the other options and also because it has a unique color which looks good on every skin color. For all these qualities it is quite expensive even from an eighteen karat white gold. Be it for plain use or for supporting diamonds platinum tops the list.

Titanium metal

If you would have asked around some fifteen years ago, people would not have considered the use of titanium in their jewelry. Only a few high end users would know about its use. Even though the metal is used in a number of other things including medicine, aviation etc but people didn’t consider it a jewelry metal. Now it is completely opposite. People prefer titanium to all other options and it is the highest selling metal when it comes to jewelry. The reason being that other metals have a mixture of alloys in them and therefore at times they reaction with the skin tissue and give you allergies. Titanium however, does not react with the human tissue and therefore, there are no resultant allergies. Due to this property it is even used in the hip replacement procedures.

The traditional gold rings – Princess cut engagement rings

These are quite traditional and commonly used engagement rings. They are usually passed down through the generations. However, they have become quite boring to say the least. People no longer want that same ring for their ties that was used by their fathers and forefathers. Apart from the fact that it has become quite out of fashion and boring there is another reason for which it is no longer in much use, that is, it does not look good on all skin colors.